About us

Welcome to Wealthy community, our platform was established in 2016 and it did very well, making a lot of South Africa's financially free. In 2016 our strategy for terms was 50 percent in 3days. We had over 15 000 participate in our system for a long period. Wealthy community we know how to hold our system to last for a long time. This time we are back with a new strategy that is going to work and make members happy, however, is all depend on all of us to ensure that wealthy community last. Our system can handle a traffic of over 100 000 thousands of participants without a glitch, we have capacity to accommodate a huge traffic at a go. Let us wipe your tears and make wealthy community work

How it works

Follow these simple steps

Step 1

Click on "Register" to complete the registration and activate your email

Step 2

Create an investment, your investment comences the moment you create an ivestment

Step 3

The system will provide you with the member’s details via email and into your account

Step 4

Pay when investment mature and get help the next day

Step 5


Step 6

Bring 20 people and receive a bonus


Daily interest Withdrawal at the end of the term
Donation/Wealth Build Wealth for
15 days
Build Wealth for
30 days
Build Wealth for
45 days
R500 R1400 R2540 R4600
R1000 R2800 R5080 R9200
R1500 R4200 R7600 R13800
R2000 R5600 R10160 R18400
R2500 R7000 R12700 R23100
R5000 R14000 R25400 R46000
R10000 R28000 R50800 R92000


Happy Members




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